Participants of SHIFT Enterprise Academy engaging in personal development discussion.

About Ethan, Youth speaker

Let's Get Aquainted

Ethan Brisby is quietly becoming one of America's most relatable youth speakers. 

This Texas native is the Creator and Founder of SHIFT Enterprise Academy, a five part lecture series guided by the pillars of SHIFT: Save your money, Help your family, Imagine your goals, Follow directions, Think accurately. Ethan uses the curriculum to partner with youth and young adults organizations where he leads discussions and active learning workshops. Each participant completes a five year plan for their life during SHIFT. 

Brisby, a father of one, Kavian, 16 is the author of "5 Proven Strategies on How to Pay for College." First published in 2012, the book is an autobiographical story of how Brisby successfully graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia as a first generation college student while overcoming adversity and defeat. He has since traveled the country as a keynote speaker sharing his bold testimony and time tested strategies with audiences both young and old. 

Volume II of "5 Proven Strategies on How to Pay for College" is due out December 7, 2018. The book just like Ethan is a 21st century success story about faith! 

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Speaking Topics

"21st Century Success Story About Faith"

At 23, with no college degree, Brisby quit a plush job as a bank officer to in his words, “pursue knowledge.” Once owning over 150 pair of Air Jordan’s, shoes and clothes were his identity. During this talk Ethan discusses revelations and shifts that happened while completing his studies at two of the nation’s most respected colleges; Morehouse and Texas A&M. This talk is captivating, understandable, and addresses many of the mental strong holds youth and adults face in today’s digital world.  

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"SHIFT Your Life"

Using the pillars of SHIFT Enterprise Academy; Save Your Money, Help Your Family, Imagine Your Goals, Follow Directions, and Think Accurately Brisby inspires listeners to use practical approaches when slaying the giants in their life. He fluidly leads audiences from topic to topic catering the dialogue to the age and demographics of your group. 

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"Power Up"


A dynamic biblical based lecture about the battle between mind and spirit. Brisby uses sound doctrine to encourage audiences to follow the narrow path which leads to life more abundantly. In a world where what’s popular is not always right, Ethan presents the case for audiences to live a life worthy of their calling

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